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Preschool age and kindergarten students have a lot to learn about the world in school. They must learn their numbers and letters and also learn how to interact with other children their own age. There is a lot to be done within these classrooms, but real world experiences are also important. A great way to give children these experiences is by starting with instruction within the classroom and then taking fieldtrips to see what they have studied. A great example of helping children understand different aspects of the real world is to provide instruction on the basic elements of farm life and then take a field trip to see a local farm. Before taking your students to the farm, make sure they receive proper in-class instruction on these farm lessons:

Animals. Your in-class farm lessons are best begun by looking at the major types of animals commonly found on farms. Typical animals found on farms may include cows, horses, pigs, ducks, birds, cats, and mice. When designing your lesson plans, you should make sure to include the animals that you will see when your class visits their local farm. This will help to reinforce the learning they have experienced in the classroom.

Crops. Animals are not the only important things on farms, so you should also include in-class farm lessons geared towards the understanding of different types of crops and their growth cycles. An enriching activity to help students understand how plants grow is to let them grow their own seedling. Hands on activities help students to get involved and makes learning more meaningful for them.

Family Life. The last component of your class's farm lessons should include discussion about the type of family life that is typical among farming families. When you visit your local farm you can then have your students interview the family that maintains the farm. This interview will make a great resource for comparing and contrasting this specific family with the typical farm families you have already discussed when you return to the classroom.

Farm lessons in the classroom paired with an excursion to see a real working example is a great way to give your students the type of learning they need to fully comprehend the world they live in. Make the extra effort to give your students this type of holistic approach to learning so that you and they are fully satisfied.

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