Preschool Lesson Plans

Preschool is a great grade level to teach because students are just beginning their careers in education. Every classroom experience is new and so it is innately special. As a preschool instructor you have the ability to show kids what a wonderful place school is and you can set the stage well for their later years and future progress. When creating your preschool lesson plans, include some of the following ideas and you will give your students a great first year in the classroom:

Arts and Crafts. Without a doubt you must include arts and crafts activities within your preschool lesson plans. Arts and crafts are wonderful preschool activities because students are actively engaged in creative endeavors. They also have something to show their parents when they come and pick them up. These creations can then be hung up around their homes which will make each little one feel really good about themselves. When writing arts and crafts lesson plans make sure to pay specific attention to the step by step process needed for each craft and make sure to always include a detailed materials list so that you are well prepared for your students.

Singing. Singing songs is also a great way to create a community environment within your preschool class. Teaching preschoolers songs also helps with memory and music appreciation. Including a specific time once or twice a week for music in your preschool lesson plans will help to give variety throughout your busy week.

Movement. Make sure that you also include activities that require students to get out of their seats and get moving. Young children have a lot of energy and you should use it as a resource rather than getting frustrated with the children's inability to sit still. Your preschool lesson plans should include a variety of games as well as free play time for your students to form friendships and experiment with the toys and supplies you have at your school.

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