Stock Market Lesson Plan

Business classes are popular in classrooms throughout the United States. They are often required courses for graduation but in some schools they are only offered as an elective course. Your job as an instructor is to make sure your students learn the expected curriculum, but you also must make the learning interesting to motivate your students. When creating your stock market lesson plan, you should make sure that you not only teach the requirements of your curriculum, but you also give your students real world learning opportunities.

Begin your stock market lesson plan by teaching the basic information required so that students understand the concepts of how the stock market works. Then instruct your class in understanding the influential factors at work which cause changes in the stock market. You can also use direct instruction methods to teach the other information your students must learn during the stock market lesson plan.

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After teaching your students the basics, you should include a short project in your stock market lesson plan which utilizes a real world problem that your students must solve. You may want your students to select and track certain stocks for a given period. They could hypothetically buy a certain amount of stock and then track its growth. This type of project will help them to develop and use a variety of skills as well as give them actual experience working with the real thing. Additionally, students are likely to stay interested in the project since all will want to know whether they made a wise investment or lost money.

Keeping the interest of your students throughout the school year can be tough, but creating a stock market lesson plan allows the opportunity for your students to practice problem solving they will encounter in their lives after high school. Remember that when these opportunities arise, as the instructor it is your responsibility to make them available to students.

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